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Penda Boko :He drugs and brutally rapes his 8-year-old daughter

A man in his early forties has been arrested and kept behind bars by law enforcement forces in Pendaboko in connection with alleged drugging and rape of his 8 year old daughter.


The man identified as Ume, a habitant of Hauser Quarter, a neighbourhood in Pendaboko, Litoral Region is reported to have beaten up the child’s mother to near death before eventually kicking her out of the house. « I have never seen such a repulsive man like that. He beat me up and slapped me until water was ozzing out of my anus. I stayed in the hospital for long and he never gave me money to treat myself, » madame Tita Yvette lamented.

Having executed successfully the first phase of his plan, his attention will now be focused on his 8 year old daughter.

The 41 year old man prepared food and reportedly added sleeping pills to the food before giving it to the daughter who ate the food unsuspectingly and went into a deep slumber.

Moments later, the little girl was forced out of the sleep, groaning in pains as her father performed the adult dance on her. He later on promised her hell should the story get to the hearing of anyone.

Wife beaten and kicked out, daughter drugged and raped, Mr Ume seemed a fulfil man until his devilish deeds were discovered when the daughters teacher noticed heavy blood ozzing out of the young lady’s sexual organ.

Rushed to the hospital, reports from medics revealed that the primary three pupil had been sexually violated. The reports also showed that, her sexual organ had been destroyed in the process.The 41 year old man was arrested at the start of the weekend and is currently in gendarmerie detention.


Rene Isah

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