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dimanche, juillet 14, 2024
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World earth day commemorated with planting of 100 trees 

One hundred trees are expected to be planted this Thursday April 20 along the Check-Point-Bitingi stretch of the road as part of activities to mark the 2023 edition of World Earth Day commemorated every April 22.

The tree planting exercise is an initiative of The Association For Community Awareness (ASCOA) who had over the years prioritise activities for the well-being of the population.

While addressing the media ahead of the tree planting exercise, the project coordinator for ASCOA Mokute Samuel emphasised that the trees help to protect the soil and subsoil and so it is therefore imperative to carried out such exercise.

In the Meantime environment experts say the importance of the exercise can not be over emphasised especially within the current context marred principally by climate change and extreme weather conditions.


Rene Isah

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