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Pondo Balong :Being accused of witchcraft, they confess

It was again another weekend of witch hunting in Pondo Balong, a small village under Muyuka subdivision, Fako Division South West Region of Cameroon.

The witch hunting exercise went underway at exactly midday on the arrival of a popular self styled Apostle of God from Buea.


The man of God arrived the village as follow up of a deliverance session that started few weeks ago in his church.

Brief, the man of God believed to be under the anointing of the Holy Spirit had prophecied to a man fondly referred to as Mr Akara about his involvement in a secret cult that is believed to be responsible for the numerous sudden deaths and misfortune of the people of Pondo Balong. In the same prophecy, the prophet of God asked Mr Akara to renounce the sect and confess his sins.

The prophetic session which was broadcast and rebroadcast on the Church’s television numerous times became a hot topic for the church tv and its members as well as the villagers.

News of the incident spread wide in the village provoking reaction upon reactions from Pondo Balong inhabitants. Almost immediately, a session was summoned by Mr Akara to publicly confess his sins and involvement with the cult.

Saturday January 28 was another day dedicated to fish out the other members of the group. Under pressure from the population and under the watchful eyes of some security and defense forces, the old man in his late 50s confessed that their group had killed over 38 persons in the village through mysterious means and caused untold misfortune to everyone. He added that they are equally responsible for the setback and stagnation of the sons of the land. He however maintained that he was only a floor member of the team and wasn’t actively involved. Mr Akara equally revealed that their group had cast a spell over the village and until it was revoked, no one will progress from the village.

This weekend, pastors from the different denominational churches in the entire village were invited to an ecumenical service as called for by the prophet from Buea.

By the end of the service, habitants of the four main quarters that make up Pondo Balong namely Manyaka or Quarter One, Mayor Street (Quarter Two, Tiko-Douala (Quarter Three) and Bonanjo (Quarter Four) left with a feeling of satisfaction and promised to uphold the decision to make prayers a routine.

« We have decided to give our lives and our village to the glory of God, He is supreme God and can help our village » Mama Sarah, a villager told us.


Before his departure, the man of God equally promised to revisit the village and noting that Pondo Balong is a blessed land and God has shown him that great people will come from the village.

Mr Akara, Mr Jacob, and Mr Indong together with the other members of the sect were accompanied to Mile 30 which is the gateway into the village and banished. Their banishment according to the villagers will serve as warning to anyone around the village who is still practicing witchcraft.


Rene Isah

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