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mardi, avril 16, 2024
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Play-offs Up Mtn elite one : Victoria United at its second victory

The team of Valentine nkwain has once more defeated their oponent during the play off up games. After beating the famous dynamo club of Douala 1-0 oppopo in their second match maintain the same energy and overtakes gazelle fa de garoua.

The match placed for 2pm began 45 minutes late but received a stadium filed with supporters coming to hail their teams . Just few minutes after the beginning of the match the newly media star Wilfried Nathan makes his entry into the field and tries twice to put the ball into the net but to no avail . Pressure is put on the side of the Gazelle team who are unable to hinder the ball from entering their net and at 24minuted fine if the game shirt number 6 Augustin tandasi fombutu opens the score in favour of Victoria United .
At 30 minutes of the game a cooling break is being observed due to the weather condition son the town of Douala .
After the first half Gazelle fa comes back determined to overtake their opponent but at 58minuted of the game instead of a goal they receive a yellow card offers by the referee to Arsene Mekila.
Despite the replacement made in the gazelle fa de Garoua team they are unable unfortunately to score any goal until the final whistle is blown making Victoria United supporters joyful and happy fir the second time so far in this tournament.

Two victories so far for the oppopo club of Victoria United ´along them eligible for the upcoming matches to be able to win this seasons play off MtN elite one championship

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