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Buea:Heavy rainfall leave several houses flooded and render roads impassable

Heavy and sustained rain witnessed on friday, march 10 in Buea has left several houses inundated with runoff water and rendered roads impassable creating traffic for nearly 2hrs.

The heavy rains which started after midday was the first major rainfall since the turn of the calender. The major impact of the rain was felt in areas like Ndongo, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Molyko, some parts of Great Soppo and Bokwango.

Few minutes after the rain started, gutters could be seen emptying their contents on the road as the runoff water struggled to recreate its path.

To be underscored is the fact that, authorities had decried uncivilian practice of dumping wastes into water ways which clugs the gutters and causes floods each time there is rainfall.

It is only a couple of weeks into the month of March and the rains have announced the rainy season in fury. more hazards could be witnessed in the future if care is not taken early.

Rene Isah

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