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Buea: Youth Day 2023, Thousands Celebrate!

The National Youth Day celebration this February 11 in the South West Regional capital of Buea came through in beauty with a massive turnout. Celebrations were staged under the theme, « Youth, Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurship Rearmament, a Guarantee for Discipline in Building of a United and Prosperous Cameroon. »

The Governor of the South West Region Bernard Okala Bilia, chaired the traditional march past ceremony in the presence of members of the Regional Council, the parliamentarian for Buea, delegates of Education and Youth and Civic Education amongst other officials.

The over two hours march-past of primary, secondary and university institutions dressed in official attires had a crowd of spectators who chaired the youths and political parties who showcased their youth membership.

The 2023 youth day celebration in Buea nevertheless comes on the heels of a challenging 6 years yawned boycott by separatist leaders, the Anglophone Crisis, the corona pandemic and cries of economic hardship from the youths. Even so, the call from the President of the Republic of Cameroon as he addressed youths was that of HOPE.

Rene Isah

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