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Buea: women’s day celebration within a context of hike in prizes and security issues

The effervescence amongst women in Buea days to the 2023 edition of the international women’s day is one of mixed feelings especially because it cuts across a spectrum of crises.

Six days to the 8 Th of march the women’s fabric can be spotted in a few shops but the rush to grab them is very timid. The reason for this timidity is partly punctuated by the recent hike in price of the fabric which stands slightly above 12000fcfa . The situation is further compounded by the increase in the prices of some basic goods and services on the one hand and that of transportation on the other hand. Fortunately, women say, the celebrations can still take place with fabrics of the previous years.

While the question of women’s day fabric leaves little to worry about, the context within which the celebrationwill take place in Buea remains shrouded especially because security remains a major concern in the town.

Only a couple of days ago, three explosive devices were detonated by unidentified men suspected to be separatists fighters whose ambition was to disrupt the 28th edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of which took place last weekend. Unfortunately, a mother of 5 who stoodby to watch the race, lost her life days later.

On Wednesday March 1, two law enforcement elements were kidnapped and molested by the same separatist fighters who only released them upon intervention by the commissioner for human right in the South West Region, Mr Tambe Tiku.

The six years old anglophone crisis has grounded such celebrations in the South West Region for the past years but This year, women remain confident in the celebration no matter the context .


Rene Isah à Buea

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