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Buea: Town Gets Facelift 72 Hours To National Day Celebration 

Preparations ahead of the 2023 edition of the National Day has hit crescendo in Buea chief town of the South West region. From the Mile 17 roundabout to Bokwaongo, the town is now said to be witnessing the reunification fever. At least for those who play ignorant, the story can not be overemphasized.

Public and private schools have intensified preparations in a last ditch effort to take part in the match pass to take place at the Independence Square. Students from some private colleges have joint the hygiene and sanitation company (HYSACAM) to clean the road.

Elsewhere, traditional dance groups which will be taking part in the 20th May activity to be presided over by the Governor of the South West region are upbeat and have expressed optimism ahead of the day.

Forces of law and order, the army rescue unit, penitentiary officials are all actively preparing to equally answer the call come May 20.

The main boulevard has been decorated with emblems of the country like the flag and billboards bearing messages of national integration, unity, living together and social cohesion.


Rene Isah

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