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Buea: National day celebrations marred by explosion of Ied on Ceremonial ground

The 51st edition of the National Day in Cameroon has culminated across the country with festivities taking place with glamour and spectacular exhibitions by armed forces and civilians.

While media reports indicate total success and serenity of May 20 displays across the country, for the North West and South West regions the same can hardly be true with these two regions that have been grappling with insecurity for over five years now.

May 20 in Buea witnessed yet again another episode of explosion that left many running for safety. Just moments after the march pass in Buea, an improvised explosive device went off just beside the grand stand in Bongo Square where the officials sat to watch the march.

At the time of this report, the exact damage caused by the explosion has not been officially stated and it makes meaning to recall here that administrative authorities of the region have not made any official statements regarding the incident.

In the Meantime, the town of Buea has witnessed a redeployment of security forces to help check the level security around town.

In Brief, the usual effervescence that characterized May 20 celebrations has shrugged off in recent years. It is obvious, the anglophone crisis with started in 2016 is yet to relax its grasp on the town.

Rene Isah

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