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dimanche, juillet 14, 2024
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Buea : 25 houses demolished

«We are sorry it took us lives to realise our errors». Buea Mayor Says As He Demolishes Twenty Five Houses In Buea Town. Twenty-five houses built on risks zones and water ways have been demolished by municipal authorities in Buea.

The demolishion exercise which took place on Monday February 20 came on the sidelines of flash floods which claimed the lives of two persons and injured four others while displacing over fifty.

Barisster David Mafany Namange mayor for Buea while revisiting the affected zones reminded inhabitants that there had been plans to demolish houses built on risks zones and water ways. He however regretted that the decision took longer and has only been propelled by the death of two persons as a result of the flash floods, «our intention to demolish houses here is not something we had planned to do today. We are sorry the decision is only being effected now and unfortunately at a time when we are counting deaths and material damages….the council is here today, we want to ensure the safety of council workers… So far we have demolished Twenty-five houses and we’ll continue in the days ahead». Buea Mayor, David Mafany Namange told reporters.

The early rains are already around the corner in Buea and the handwriting is not the best. Houses and other landed properties have been destroyed or simply washed away as flash floods announce the coming of the rainy season. Observers believe more should be done, to avert future occurances.

Rene Isah

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