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South West: Thirty-eight Mysterious Deaths Leads to the Banishment of Three Old Wizards.


A manhunt for men suspected to be members of group of wizards has gone underway in Pondo Balong, a village along the stretch of the road linking Ekona and Muyuka in the South West Region of Cameroon.


The story fit for an African Magic Epic began in a popular church in Buea when a young girl received a prophecy from her « Papa » about the involvement of her father in a dangerous secret sect that is alleged to be responsible for the deaths and untold misfortune of many around Pondo Balong.

On invitation of the daughter, the father identified fondly as Mr Akara attended a service of the church where he was once again located in the prophetic by the man of God believed to be led by the Holy Spirit.

The pastor said to be under the influence of the prophetic told Mr Akara that for his family to prosper and for God to have mercy on him, he is supposed to relinquish all his fetish beliefs and renounce the sect.

Back in Pondo Balong the stage was already set for what will be another climax in a pure Nollywood movie made in Cameroon as many had already watched the prophetic session live on the church’s television. Mr Akara on his return to the village summoned the village heads and confessed to them as instructed by the pastor.

« I didn’t know I was getting into a diabolic gathering, my friends here gave me money about 900,000frs in a plastic bag and only told me that i could pay back when I wanted. I didn’t know it was a trap, » Mr Akara cried out.

He added that he has never killed anyone though he was officially a member of the sect. According to him, his friends has been forcing him to kill or inflict persons with bad luck but he has never accepted.

The striking story which is currently a major point of focus of every lip around the village has reawakened a feeling of sadness and fear and there is currently a divide between opinions on what must have truly happened.

It should be underscored that under pressure from the population, the group comprising Mr Akara, Mr Jacob and Mr Indong confessed that not only are they responsible for the untold suffering of the villagers but they have been behind the many sudden deaths that occurred in the village.

They equally confessed that they have cast a spell of ill luck over the village and no one will succeed therein no matter how hard they try until the spell is revoked.

At press time, it remains doubtful what would be the next step of the pastor in whose church the whole story started.

Sources on ground say for now the three men have been banished from the village together with their families while investigations are underway to fish out potential members of the group still hiding in the village.

Rene Isah

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