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Muea: inhabitants spend the night in fear due to sounds of gunshots

Habitants of Muea, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Buea are set to spend the night in fear following sustained gunshot sounds heard around the area for close to 1hr as The Watchdogs have learned.

Muea denizens have told The Watchdogs sources that the perpetrators of the shootings can not be completely ascertained but the shootings are hugely believed to be between non state armed actors and the forces of law and order.

The Watchdogs can not independently confirm whether there has been any human casualty as a result of the shooting. We have been informed that the area has been hugely militarised.

To be underscored is the fact the exact cause of the gun battle is still unknown but many argue it could be an attempt by separatist fighters to reiterate the ghost town phenomenon, a civil disobedience observed every Monday since January 2017.

René Isah à Buea

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