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dimanche, juin 16, 2024
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Buea:Wild Flames Consume Several Shops Around Clerks Quarters at Buea.

Some shop owners around Clerks Quarters Buea are still counting their loss after wild flames razed their shops on the night of Friday breaking Saturday.

The fire whose cause is yet to be ascertained started at a carpentry workshop and within the twinkle of an eye, an entire building housing more than eight shops went up in flames.

Amongst the building burnt down was a bar, a restaurant, a typewriter’s shop and many others. Material losses have been estimated at several millions of francs CFA.

Meanwhile in the Meantime denizens say Buea which is the regional capital of the South West Region should have a firefighting brigade. Unfortunately, Buea has never had one and they fear it is a great danger especially given the current context.


Rene Isah à Buea

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