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Buea : The town Turns Orange, 48hrs To The Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

48hrs to the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, the city of Buea, chief town of the South West Region of Cameroon shines bright in the colours of Orange Cameroun, the new official sponsor for the race of hope.

The new sponsor has promised amongst other things to give the race its lost grandeur and increase the standards as well as setting the bar high for future sponsors.

Billboards, publications and public events are being organised in and around Buea as the town vibrates to the rhythms of the race with preparations hitting crescendo.

Orange Cameroun seems to be on a clear mission as they are also coming in with several innovations to spice up the event.

It should be noted that the official sponsor of the race has made several promises with some already met. One of the biggest which fans of the race of hope look forward to ,is the complete payment of XAF 10,000,000 to the winner with taxes settled already. The return of Miss Mount Cameroon and the production of press kits that rhymes with jersey number for athletes.

The rendezvous is taken for the 28th edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope that will take place on Saturday February 25 with the kickoff set for 7:00am at the Buea Molyko Omnisports stadium.


Rene Isah

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