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Buea : Reaction of the mayor due to the recurrent floods

The mayor of Buea Barisster David Mafany Namange has reacted to the floods which occurred in Buea Town On Saturday 18th March 2023 which claimed the lives of two persons, injured four and displaced over fifty persons.

His reaction led to a press release which was published on Sunday March 19. Mayor David’s release expressed the deepest condolence of the Buea Council to the families who lost loved ones. He equally noted with great regrets the fact that people construct houses on risks zones, swamps and water ways. Also, the release stated that the council will take care of victims of the floods who are currently responding to medical treatment at the Buea regional hospital.

The mayor promised a demonstration of houses or structures erected on prohibited zones around Buea. In Meantime, the divisional officer for Buea Mr Abah Abdouraman released another communique reiterating that people should respect municipal orders, noting that defaulters will have themselves to blame.

Rene Isah

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