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Buea: Four Escape Death In Sunday Accident Around Molyko

An accident that occurred early Sunday morning has left four persons, two boys and two girls battling within the corridors of life and death in a hospital around town.

The early Sunday morning accident is reported to have happened when a Mercedes Benz branded vehicle had breakneck speed with four persons on board crashed against a poorly packed trailer around the a Filling Station in Molyko.

The immediate impact of the violent crash was evident with the badly shattered nature of the vehicle. In the Meantime all passengers are said to have sustained severe injuries and have been ferried to medical facilities where they are currently receiving medical treatment.

It should be noted that Sunday morning accidents have become a routine in Buea. Observers say it is because on Monday’s and sundays the main boulevard is usually less congested as compared to weekdays. In addition, vehicles are poorly stationed along the narrow boulevard with inexperienced drivers who violate traffic rules and the result is usually a disaster.

Rene Isah

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