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Buea: Four day capacity workshop for farmers of buea municipality

Farmers involved in food crops production and their counterparts of livestock farming in Buea and its environs will have an opportunity to improve on their capacities so as to have healthier and more bountiful yeilds . This will take place during a four-day training workshop scheduled to take place from the 12th to 15th of April 2023

The highly anticipated workshop will focus on organic techniques for reducing feed costs and how to make and use organic products for natural farming.

Participants on the event will be trained on how to produce cheap but high quality animal feed at home, how to reduce feed cost using Azela, ,how to produce pesticides for animals and farms amongst other modules.

The four-day livelihood training workshop is an initiative of a civil society organisation dubbed Authentic Memorial Empowerment Foundation (AMEF) and will take place at Women’s Empowerment Centre in Buea.

The workshop is expected to be chaired by Dr Margaret Thomas, founder and president of the civil society organisation. Speaking to the press ahead of the event, she maintained her readiness and upbeat attitude towards the workshop. She equally added that the event is expected to contribute massively towards changing the lives of farmers in Buea.


Rene Isah, Buea.

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