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jeudi, juin 20, 2024
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Buea: Final year University student commits suicide over alleged boyfriend’s infidelity.

The city of Buea has yet again witnessed another shocking death days after two persons were killed by flash floods.

A young lady identified as Leki is confirmed to have died after consuming a poisonous substance on Thursday 23rd March 2023 in her room around the student residential area in Buea.

The young student of the university of buea committed the unfortunate act over claims by some social media sources that her lover abruptly terminated their relationship while others blame the incident on the Infidelity of the young man.

The young lady was from Souza and has left her single mother in bitterness and disbelief following her shocking death. She was raised by her mother who sells fish in Souza as means to earn a living since her father who is a Nigerian died several years ago. Her death adds to many who have departed recently as a result of emotional heartbreak.

Rene Isah

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