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Buea : Fallen electric pole poses great danger to habitants of untared maling

Habitants of Untared Malingo, a neighbourhood in Buea have expressed worries over a fallen electric pole that has continuously perturbed the circulation of cars and persons along the main stretch of road into the neighbourhood for over three weeks now.

The worries were tabled to our reporters on Thursday March 9th by denizens of the area after a truck driver was almost electrocuted around the spot where the incident occurred.

Untared Malingo is a student residential quarter that shares jealous boundaries with the university of Buea. Talking with some students, they reveal that they are afraid to use the road to school because of the fallen pole and its cables. They add that efforts aimed at bringing the incident to the attention of authorities have failed and they are left with no choice but to adopt alternative measures to go to school.

This unfortunate case is happening at a time when power outage and prolonged periods of electricity blackouts are experienced in the said area.
some students say they’re expecting the situation to get better but this must begin with removal of the fallen pole before meaningful and decisive steps are taken by authorities of the electricity supply company to mitigate the situation.

Rene Isah

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