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Buea :Commuters Weep Over Road Blockage As They Cover Kilometres On Foot To Get On With Business.

The 38th edition of the international women’s day celebration has culminated in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon on a positive note but at a great cost.

As administrative, municipal and traditional authorities converged at Bongo Square to observe activities animating the day’s celebrations, a great part of the town remained hugely deserted.

The main reason for this is due to road blocks mounted by law enforcement forces who were stationed at major road junctions in Buea for mainly two reasons; to assure security and to control traffic.

The strategy though successful wasn’t welcomed by denizens of Buea who faced difficulties navigating the different ends of the town as they had to cover kilometres on foot to meet up with work or business.

« we don’t understand what’s going on, they don’t block the road like this » a woman cried out to Cameroon-Files.

« we are being forced to walk on foot, they have blocked everywhere, the army is even searching our bags and molesting us, this is embarrassing » Ekema Clifford, a Buea resident lamented.

Smooth circulation was however restored in the town after the march pass but observers say if this was to continue, the town will lose a lot of money.

« the town loses between one to three billions in CFA francs each time the road or major boulevard is blocked. Once transportation of personnel is affected, the town can not progress » Ikome Francis an accountant revealed to us.

While calls have intensified for meaningful and decisive measures the situation has increased and much is still to be done to address the matter.

Rene Isah à Buea

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