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dimanche, juin 16, 2024
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Buea : A protest against drug traffickers

The population of Bomaka(in Buea) have staged a demonstration to chase out drug traffickers and consumers from their Neighbourhood.

The inhabitants of Bomaka say crime wave has risen tremendously in the neighbourhood, largely as a result of drug trafficking.

The irate Bomaka inhabitants are pointing accusing fingers at security forces whom they say are doing nothing to remedy the situation.

According to the Bomaka inhabitants, they have complained countless times to security forces about the activities of the drug traffickers and consumers in the area, and have even shown them their hideout, but instead the security forces come around only to collect money from the hood looms.


The Southwest branch Head of the Cameroon Human Rights Commission, Mr Christopher Tambe Tiku paid a visit to the neighbourhood to try and calm the angry population.

He equally called on them not to take the laws in their hands and approach competent authorities to address the matter.

It should however be noted local authorities are yet to react to this.


Rene Isah

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