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Ballantines :3 new brand ambassadors for the blended scotch whiskey.

Ko-c , mimie and DJ labastille are the 3 influential Cameroonian brand ambassadors chosen by ballantines for their brand new campaign << there’s no way wrong>>. This was disclosed during a press conference organised at douala grand mall on the 9th February 2023.

With its mantra « stay true » Ballantines decided to express itself via the journey of these artists in their various musical expressions showing forth the spirit of challenge . For an estimated period of one year each of these brand ambassadors will work on the new campaign to inspire next generations of artists for them to stay true to themselves as they find their zay in the world.

DJ labastille being one of cameroon’s foremost djs he says, «  I have always been faithful to ballatines in what i do and being in collaboration with them is a great honor for me » .For the two other ambassadors used to being on billboards, satisfaction is what they get concerning the message passed on by the campaign. For ko-c the well known prominent urban artist ,he talks of authenticity in his words « as a unique person I will try to add something special that will mark my collaboration with Ballentines by fully embrassing the theme stay tru». Song writer and actress mimie’s message is captioned on tenacity to show that it is important to stay focus on your objectives and get what you want . These few words expressed by the new brand ambassador are just part of what Ballantines the Scottish whiskey will be experiencing for one year with them and with other activities that are to be unfolded as the yeast goes by .


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