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Ubamelss organises Blood Grouping Campaign

A two-day Blood Grouping Campaign organised by the University of Buea Association of Medical Laboratory Science Students, ( Ubamelss) under the theme « Come participate and know your Blood group » rapped up on Saturday March, 25th at the University Health Centre.

The president of Ubamelss, Ngek Clinton Kfuyu, says « the campaign which started on Friday, March 24th 2023 had at it’s main objective, to sensitise the population of Buea and the University students in particular on their blood types. This information should help them know the availability of their blood type, better manage themselves to avoid situations of blood lose particularly for those with rare Blood types and to know where to get blood transfusion when in need, especially during emergencies », he noted.

The realisation of such a great exercise was only possible thanks to the sacrifice and collaboration of all students of the association, resulting to the exercise costing 500frs instead of the normal 2000frs. At the end , Ubamelss spoke of a similar event coming up with more weight, to be expected in April 2023.

Rene Isah

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