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Religion: Episcopal conférence of bishops in cameroon for the year 2023

Bishops of Cameroon have said that, peaceful dialogue is the only way forward to solve the ongoing conflict in the turbulent regions of the country.

The president of the national Episcopal Conference of Cameroon Arch Bishop Andrew Nkea joint his voice with other bishops in Cameroon to make the remark yesterday as they convened on the seminar of bishops in Cameroon in Yaounde.

The prelate highlighted the need for peace in nation building which has been missing for several years as a result of the crisis rocking the two English speaking regions of the country.

Arch Bishop Andrew Nkea reiterated the need for peace to return to the two regions which he says has brought untold suffering to the nation and regrettable social hardship. He went on to prescribe the love for one another in order to navigate with ease through life’s challenges.

This session of the 2023 National Episcopal Conference of Bishops of Cameroon will focus on examining the works of the ten commissions of the structure as well as discuss issues plaguing Christian communities in the nation.


Rene Isah

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