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deadly Attack by suspected separatist Fighters :One person Dead and some Vehicles burnt down in Buea

shocking incident that took place on the night of Monday, January 29, at approximately 9 pm, suspected armed Amba fighters carried out a deadly attack in Bokwai Road, Buea. Reports indicate that at least one person lost their life during the unfortunate incident, while four vehicles, including a taxi and a Mercedes-Benz, were set ablaze by the assailants.

According to unconfirmed sources, the attackers allegedly intended to reinforce a ghost town phenomenon, which includes shutting down economic activities in the region as a form of protest. Bokwai Road has now become another target for these armed groups, who continue to instill fear and disrupt the lives of innocent civilians in the area.

Local authorities are actively investigating the incident and have bolstered security measures in the region. The police, military, and other security forces have been deployed to ensure the safety of the residents and to prevent any further acts of violence.

The suspected Amba fighters, who are part of a separatist movement aiming to establish an independent state called « Ambazonia, » have been responsible for a series of attacks and unrest in Cameroon’s South West Region. Their actions have caused significant damage to public and private property, disrupted daily life, and resulted in the loss of numerous innocent lives.

The government remains committed to restoring peace and stability in the region and has initiated dialogues with various stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the crisis.

As the affected community mourns the loss of a fellow resident who has been identified as Derrick Luma Mosonge, a relative of former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Mosonge it is essential for all citizens to remain vigilant and cooperate with security forces in their quest to maintain law and order. The government has urged residents to report any suspicious activity or individuals that may jeopardize public safety.

Cameroon’s South West Region has endured significant hardships due to the ongoing conflict, but the resilience and unity demonstrated by its people continue to inspire hope for a brighter future. Together, with concerted efforts, it is believed that lasting peace can be achieved, allowing the region to flourish once again.

As another year begins, it is important to remember the countless lives affected by such acts of violence and to work towards a society free from fear and turmoil.

Bishop Rene Isah

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