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Buea: University of Buea vice chancellor clears the air

The vice chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof Ngomo Horace Manga has debunked information circulating across some media platforms that the two persons whose corpses were displayed in Muea few weeks ago were students of the University of Buea.

The Vice Chancellor’s reaction is towards a press release published on Thursday March 30 wherein the University authority confirms that, the two persons were neither students nor members of the University Community. However, Professor Ngomo Horace Manga regrets the fact that two students of the University of Buea Buea namely, Ngule Linus Fonteh (LP20C610) a level 400 or final year student of International Relations and Mbah Jeres Akua (LP22P240) a level 600 or postgraduate student of Public Administration were taken by law enforcement officers for questioning and investigation of some terrorist activities. The release further states that one of the students, Linus Ngule died in costudy while the other is still being questioned.

According to the release, an autopsy has been ordered to be carried out on the mortal remains of the deceased in the presence of the family in a bid to establish the exact circumstances leading to his death.

Also, two individuals suspected to be separatists fighters were neutralised by the Cameroonian military a fortnight ago. News of the incident identifies the suspects with the University of Buea.

Few weeks later, the University of Buea has cleared the air, distancing themselves from the individuals while confirming that their students were apprehended.

Thus,the information has raised brows on the security situation within the university of Buea.

Rene Isah

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