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Buea: Inhabitants Remain Helpless As Extreme Weather Conditions Ransack The Town.

Inhabitants of Buea and it’s environs are grappling with adverse weather conditions which have caused both human and material loses creating an atmosphere of helplessness.

The city of Buea in particular has been hit by unprecedented wild weather in the form of recurrent and very heavy rains, strong wild storms, deadly flash floods and severe runoffs.

Recent extreme weather conditions have cost the live of at least one person, a form one student of the Baptist High School in Buea who was swept away by heavy runoffs. In terms of material damages ,roofs of public buildings like that of Government High School Buea was displaced while shades in the Great Soppo Market in Buea were equally ransacked.

While the population grapple with this , authorities have kept mute at the situation creating an atmosphere of helplessness amongst the people.

Rene Isah.

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